Friday, April 16, 2010


When was the last time you all took the time to open up your WoW folder and looked through all the classic vanilla WoW screen shots that you have laying around? or better yet, maybe you were looking at an old machine that you had played on before upgrading and found a treasure chest full of fun Warcraft moments! Like me I'd be willing to guess that there are files in there that bring back memories that you completely forgot that you'd had, eg: funny guild chat logs, kiting green drakes into Orgrimmar, or dps meters that were 'OFF THE CHART' in vanilla but are now being obtained in level 39 twink battlegrounds!

I recently went through my old laptop that I previously played WoW on and found myself clicking through countless pictures for a good while and reminiscing about the good ol' days where people weren't handed free loot. Where being good meant you damn well earned it. Whether it was farming mats for potions/elixirs, farming resistance gear, and even farming Felwood for those damn herbs that buffed your stats, (not that insane farming was for everyone but that is what made the game fun). When you got that first Professor Plum (epic item) it was just that, it truly felt EPIC.

Since vanilla WoW the game has slowly declined in terms of the epic feeling of progression. When Blizzard releases new content the old stuff becomes the standard. I get what they are doing and for the majority of players it makes the game play far more 'fun'. Most people simply do not have the time to invest in the ways of 'Vanilla'. Let's get things straight, I still love WoW. I love the lore. I love the vastness of the world. But one thing I miss is walking into a city and seeing someone decked out in gear and knowing that they are good (I remember when Blizzard still had placeholder graphics on Tier 1 and Tier 2!!!!! Logging in on patch day and first seeing a HUGE purple Dragonstalker Tauren was actually one of the most defining log ins in my long WoW career.

I miss the world events, like the AQ gate opening. Entire servers would come together during these events and it felt like something epic was accomplished when we finally achieved it. If I were to want one thing to be brought back into the game it would be events like this. Cataclysm has given us back the old world to re-explore and if there were one thing I'd want brought back to us, it would be world events. That is my two cents.

Loving World of Warcraft still five years later...

-Lil' Green

Saturday, February 20, 2010